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Ludy's Tavern Cupboard
Dry Sink Stepback Cupboard
Rockdale Cupboard
#286. Corner TV Cupboard
Homestead Cupboard
Make-Do Wall Cupboard
Small Mitten Box
#251. Small Server / Buffet
Corner Butt'ry
Tinter's Cupboard
Tavern Cupboard
Large 2 Door Server/Buffet
Sawbuck Dining Table
Blanket Trunk- Decorated & Small
Wood Bowls
Make-Do Slipcovered Chair
Hutch Table (4 Foot Round)
Sawbuck Side Table
Sawbuck Dry Scrubtop Side Table
Ladderback Side Chair
Mini Dry Sink End Table
CD Box Stacking Set
Candle Shelf
Candle Paddle
Early Settlers 5 Peg Rack
Make-Do Wall Cupboard with Drawers
Early Settlers 3 Peg Rack
Heritage Hutch
Homespun Server
Classic Chimney Cupboard
Kitchen Keep
Candle Tray
Lollipop Top Cubby
Flat Screen TV Armoire
2 Door Stepback Cupboard
Beth's Chimney Cupboard
Blanket Trunk- Decorated - Medium
Blanket Trunk- Small
Make-Do Wooden Wing Chair
Colonial Candle Sconce
Make-Do Upholstered Wing Chair
Farmhouse Plate Rack
Bowl Cubby
Treenware Cubby
Pipe Box with Drawer
Pipe Box / Kitchen Utensil Box
Settle Bench
Farmhouse Wine & Plate Rack
Remedy Box
Mimi's Corner Cupboard
Americana Spoon Cupboard
1800's Spice Pantry
Smithy Box
Bucket Bench/ Shelves
Early Lap Desk
Primitive Picture Frames
Prim & Propper Loveseat
Early Hutch Table (5 Foot Rectangle)
Bittersweet Farm Closet
Make-Do Side Chair
Lady Liberty Floor Lamp
Amber Ceiling Light
Anderson Chandelier
Charleston Chandelier
Charlotte Chandelier
Charlotte Table Lamp
Keeper Cubby
Sharon Renninger's Country Meadows Kitchen
kitchen remodel
Kitchen Remodel
Wooden Bowl- Patina
4 Door Stepback Cupboard
Sawbuck Sofa Table
Early Fruit Box
Tabletop Server
Scrolled Bench/Coffee Table
Beth's Drawer
4 Paneled Bench- HCD
Farmhouse Cupboard- with stencil/paneled doors
Pioneer Stepback Cupboard
Buttery Shelves and 1 Door Chimney Cupboard
Tall Clock
Make Do Wooden Stool
Gardiner's Shelf
Butner's Cupboard
Fireside Make Do Chair in Monahan Fabric
Lancaster Drysink
Aged Tiger Maple Server
Spoon Ledge
Philadelphia Wall Box
Thermostat Cover (HCD)
Mini Americana Spoon Cupboard with Tiger Maple
Large Counter Corner Shelf with Drawer-HCD
Scrolled Heritage Hutch- HCD
4 Paneled Glass Wall Cupboard- HCD
2012 Catalog
Gourd Crate
Primi-Chic Lapdesk
Steph's Table
Various Items
Primi-Chic Vignette
Primi-Chic Vignette
Various Items
Steph's Table
Paddle Pockets
2009 Catalog
Mercantile Drysink Cupboard
4 Post Bed
Hanging Buttery
Make-Do Hired Man's Sofa
Freethinkers Desk
Herb Rack
Barn Sink
Pioneer Cupboard
Homestead Cupboard- HCD
VIntage Paper Covered Hat Boxes
One-of-a-Kind Make Do Wooden Wing Chair
PA Cupboard
Primi-Chic Introductory Catalog- 2009
2010 Catalog
Mercantile Drysink Cupboard- Standard
One Drawer End Table
3 Lil Nubby Shelf (WS)
2017 New Products Catalog
4 Door Stepback Drysink
candle paddle with nubby holes
Lenni Shelf
Clarks Cabinet
Display Steps
Mini-Stepback Cupboard
3 Drawer Apothocary
4 Door Stepback Drysink Cupboard
Aston Shelf
Bill's Night Stand
Brandywine Box
Candle Rest
Wooden Candle Sticks
Dry Goodes Bin
Early Bowl Bin
End Table Bucket Bench
Everyday Cupboard
Farrier Box
Foot Warmer/Spoon Box
Hanging Spoon Shelf
Rusty Strainers
Housefitter's Cupboard
Large Rounded Potters Shelf
Lenni Shelf
Aged Paper Wrapped Soap
Steph's Big Table
Steph's Table
Timeless Threads
Aged Blue Bird Cross Stitch Necklace
Findings Cross Stitch Necklaces
Necklaces- Pocket Watch & Findings
6 Berries Beaded Necklace
Soap & Cloth Shelf
Simple Blanket Crane
Big Lantern Ledge
Raised Round Candle Rests (Small & Large)
Candle Rests
Twin Tombstone Pipe Box/Utensil Holder
Simple Blanket Crane
Prim Coasters!!!
High Back Country Settle & Make Do Slipcovered Chair
Ol' City Tavern Cupboard
Bill's Candle Sconce
Scrolled Bin
Housefitter's Cupboard
Make-Do Upholstered Rounded Wing Chair
Kitchen Island- 4 drawer
School Masters Desk
Early Settlers' Blanket Crane
Anyplace Cupboard
Winged Candle Paddle
Book Rest
Fireside Make-Do Chair
Bill's Chimney Cupboard
Jude's Sconce (or Ella's Sconce ;)
Ashdown Cubbies
Tombstone Wall Shelf
Mini Americana Spoon Cupboard with Aged Paper
Tombstone Wall Cupboard- HCD
High-Back Jar Box
Kitchen Bin
Appliance Garage- Toaster Oven
Make-Do Fireside Chair with Wide Wooden Wings
Steph's Coffee Table
Old Mill Bin
Half-Round Table
Heritage Desk
Candle Dryer
Lenni Bin
Make-Do Swivel Arm Light
PA Crock Cupboard
Mom's Dry Sink
General Bin
Arnett's Desk
Arnett's Buttery
Kitchen Buttery Island
Ladderback Arm Chair
Freethinkers Desk 2011
Sister's Cupboard
Arnett's Drysink
Knobbed Small Shoo Fly Screens
Drysink Cubby
Cooling Shelves
Round Buttery Board- LARGE
Under $20.00 Program
Bill's Spoon Holder
Early Organizer
2011 Catalog
Brandywine Chair (RIGHT)
Salem County TV Armoire
Scrolled Lolly- HCD
Beth's Chimney Cupboard Cupboard- HCD
Folky TV Armoire
Double Trestle Table
NE Flip Top Table (HCD)
Harvest Trencher
Lidded Trough
Available NOW
Available NOW
Primi-Chic Candle Paddles- LARGE
Scalloped Shelf/Cubby
Heritage Hutch
Gettysburg Chandelier
Maple Glen Chandelier
Cedar Creek Lamp- 836T
Chandelier Styles Available
Chandelier Styles Available
Chandelier Styles Available
Lidded Tabletop Drysink
Aged Barn Wooded 2 sided drawer End Table
Main Street Cubby
Shadow Box
Tall Settle
Aged Barn Wood Finish Flat Back Primitive Cupboard
Rosewood Cupboard
Valley Brook Scrolled Shelf
Coop Cupboard
Downton Drysink
Small Town Cupboard/Shelf
Corner Counter Cubby
Gardiner's Drysink without Door
Folky Towel Cupboard
3 Drawer Cubby
tombstone with Drawer Cupboard
Heart with Half-Bowl Cubby
Heart Paddles/Candle Rests/Bread Boards
DIY Block Signs
Folky Side Table
Ashdowne- 1 Cubby
Brandywine Settle
Hired Mans Sofa
Say brook Chair
Maine Cupboard
Maine Cupboard
Love Letter Cubby
Christmas Cubby
Scrolled Noodle Board/Bread Board/Stove Cover
Punched Tin Wall Cupboard with Towel Holder
Tall Make Do Cupboard
XL Make Do Cupboard
Bed Steps with Storage (refined)
Victory Shelf
Ridgway Settle
Narrow Farmhouse Shelves (WS)
Narrow Farmhouse Shelves
Powder Room Cubby
Devon Horse Show Wall Cupboard
Redware Ornies
3 Peg Simpler Shelf with curved sides
tall Colonial Candle Sconce with Drawer
Oval Parlor Table
Two Tiered Plate Rack
Lantern Ledge
Corner Hanging Cupboard
Folky Spice Cupboard
Wide Ripon Shelf
Snail Box Cubbys (WS)
Early American Spoon Rack & Cubby
Snail Box Cubbys
Large Tombstone Cubby
Adams Make Do Cupboard
The Main Line Cupboard
Short Post/Round Finials Bed
Short Post Primitive Bed
Pioneer Shelves
Beth's Tin Paneled Hanging Cupboard
Folky Display Cupboard
Darby Cupboard
Silhouette Ornies
Columbus Corner Cupboard
Georgia Coffee Table- Old Wood
Delaware Mantel for Fireplace insert
Upholstered Make Do Stool
Georgia Coffee Table- Old Wood Top
Reclaimed Wood Headboard
Corner Vanity/Cupboard
Corner Vanity/Cupboard
Coffee/Tea Maker Cover Cupboard- APPLIANCE GARAGE
Toaster Oven/Small Microwave Cover
Our Farmhouse-to-Coastal Finishes!

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